The First Days of PC Press


To be the owner of a private publishing house was out of question at the time when "Racunari" was created -- there was even a law forbidding individuals to publish magazines of any kind. As time went by, it became evident that the organization of the original company was causing too many problems: problems in providing the necessary equipment, in paying the contributors on time and reasonably well, in editing and typesetting the magazine... All of these threatened to seriously jeopardize the "Racunari " magazine.

During 1994 the circumstances at BIGZ, the publisher of "Racunari," were no longer acceptable. This led me to start thinking about creating a better and more agreeable environment. Vesna Jeremic, Zoran Zivotic and I had the first serious conversation about setting up a new company on November 19, 1994. By the end of the year, we had decided to go for it. Since the very beginning, we've had great support: practically all the contributors of the "Racunari" decided to write for the "PC" and computer companies were very interested in advertising in our new magazine, as well as in contributing in other ways. Our colleagues helped us a lot in organizing many other aspects of the work we were not very familiar with when we started out on our own.

On the whole, the creation of the "PC" magazine went on very fast. The company PC Press was registered on March 8, 1995, and the first number of the magazine was published on April 4, 1995. We were all very anxious to see the first issue, but, unfortunately, I was not destined to be there when it hit the streets for the first time. On April 1, I went to the YU Info conference at Brezovica, where I was to make a presentation about the new magazine. For all the accolades I received over the phone, I couldn't wait to see the first issue myself. And then, to top it all, the bus that carried the package with the magazines lost its way to Brezovica, and was several hours late in arriving. When the package finally got there, my impatience turned to disappointment -- the first magazine I picked had pages turned upside-down! The funniest thing is that the defective copy I'd received was, at least to my knowledge, the only one in the whole edition, and it had to be the one I picked out to look at first. Fortunately, the rest of the copies were in a good shape, so the promotion of the magazine went without a hitch. The "PC" was ready to conquer the market.

Ten years have gone by since then. It's been more than 110 times now that I have felt that same sweet sense of excitement, waiting for a new issue to come out, and as many times I have had to start thinking about the next one straight away. The fact that the "PC" magazine has been so well accepted by the market could mean that a great number of our readers still shares at least some of the same feelings we do...